Other Blogs

The blog on this site isn’t the only one I write and is not the one I’m the most active one.  While this one is a grab bag of topics, I have a number of other blogs that are a little more focused. 

Active Blogs

  • Expanding Frontier – This is currently my main blog and is focused on sci-fi role-playing game material, most for the Star Frontiers game. You’ll see some similar theming on that site and this one.

Inactive Blog Archive

  • Arcane Game Lore – I used to blog at this site with a few other authors but that has died off since I started the Expanding Frontier site.  This site is focused on gaming and game related topics.  This was my main blog for a while but sort of died down as I was finishing my Masters of Library Science degree.
  • Programming Space – This is my blog for things related to software development and astronomy.  This blog was more active when I first blogging. Although it was never really very active. All the old posts have been archived here on this site. I may start doing more tech related blogging again on this site and bring it back to life at some level. Or I might just move those posts here.
  • Star Frontiers Lives On – This is my original blog that I started a long time ago.  It has been dead for a long time and probably won’t be resurrected.