Who am I?

Librarian, Astronomer, Programmer, Husband, Father, and Gamer. Not necessarily in that order.

That’s what my Twitter bio, limited to 140 characters, says.  To that I’d add writer, game designer, editor, and entrepreneur.

I currently work as the Physical and Mathematical Science Librarian at the Harold B. Lee Library on the Brigham Young University campus where my wife is a tenured Astronomy professor in the Physics & Astronomy Department.  Before becoming a librarian I was a software developer and manager for two NASA mission, the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, and the Stratospheric Observatory For Infra-red Astronomy (SOFIA).  I have a BS in Physics, a MS and Ph. D. in Astronomy, and just recently received a MS in Library Science.  Apparently I like to go to school.

My hobbies and interests include astronomy, computers, reading, hiking and camping, writing, 3D printing, and role-playing games.  I have seven amazing kids ages 2 to 20 and in my spare time I run a number of other websites, a couple of RPG magazines, as well as a small game products company.